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Historically The Assosiation of Agricultural Manufacturers “Inter” and Scientific-Production Company “Inter-Oil” has started its activities at October 23, 1990, as a small proprietorship “Inter”.

Actively developing, in 1991 the firm was reorganised in the Partnership with Limited Liability. Executing its activities in unstable economy and hyperinflation conditions, “Inter” partnership, ltd has faced the money shortage problem many times, but it has won the circumstances and gained great experience.

In 1999 it was reorganized in Limited liability Company, and in September it has got the new name — Assosiation of Agricultural Manufacturers “Inter”. Afrterwards, on its base was created the company, that is now one of the leading high-quality unrefined sunflower oil producers — Scientific-Production Co “Inter-Oil”, Ltd.

In 1990, when the firm was created, the main stress was laid not on the mass character of production, but on the quality. Many things have been changed since then, but the main princip remained the same “Inter-Oil” produces high-quality commodities only. The exclusive quality features — that is our main priority!

The fundamental rule of our production activity is the use up-to-date, innovative technology on oil production, which was developed by our company. It's main feature is refuse from chemical reagents use. We suppose, that really high-quality,healthy oil one can get only with a cold pressing method.

Oil producing factory was launched in 1993. The first production were buckwheat, wheat flakes and coffee drink, based on cikory and barley. Besides the above mentioned products the company was also involved in kosinak, chalva, peeled sunflower kernels, foam producing, and also outputed mustard powder, medical mustard plasters, bread kvass and many kinds of vegetable oils.

Today the main product of the company is high-quality unrefined sunflower oil.

Scientific-Production Co “Inter-Oil” produces sunflower oil by the cold pressing method: big, specially selected seeds of Altai sunflower are peeled from the admixtures and cakes, and then pressed in special circular presses. Then the oil is filtered without any chemical reagents. We gave up using braziers, which destroy the main part of useful matters. That's why vitamin E, phospholipids, linoleic polyunsaturated fat acid and other useful matters are preserved in the oil in full volume. You can read about their influence on the organism in the section “sunflower oil”.

But sunflower oil is not the only product of the company. “Inter-Oil” also produces high-quality mustard oil, gauged sunflower and high-protein sunflower flour. The flour is innovative product, and the workshop opened on our factory is the greatest achievement for us. This product, containing huge biological and nutrious value, is the XXI century foodstuff. You can get more information about mustard oil and sunflower flour in the corresponding sections.

Scientific-Production Co “Inter-Oil”, Ltd is working constantly on technological processes modernization and perfection, aiming to increase the volumes, to improve the production and packaging quality and the product range and decrease labour-intensiveness. We widely use automatisation on our factory. Since the foundation, our company has gained 7 patents for inventions.

Annual volume of oil produceed has increased 27,5 times for the period since 1993 till 2008.

During 16 years the company is involved in producing a kind of oil, that meets the highest quality requirements and posesses the greatest food and biological value, due to the factory's small capacity, all production cycles, situated at one floor, high-quality raw materials and innovative technologies use.

Our quality is confirmed by a great number of diplomas and awards, “Altai-quality” certificate, ecological certificates, international exhibitions' diplomas and contests. Our product is the winner in “The best Altay product” and “100 best Russian goods” contests, and we posess the international prize in the BID nomination.

Russian Scientific Research Fat Institute systematically confirms our oil as the high-quality and healthy one.

Scientific-Producing Company “Inter-Oil”, Ltd is the perfect mix of science and production, constant creative search for new technological decisions, combined with obligator quality control of raw materials and finished commodities.

Professional collective of workers succeds at increasing output volumes, new kinds of production, new technologies and new eqipment mastering.

“We produce exactly what people need. I’m proud of my company” – the “Interoil” worker.

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“Inter-Oil” produces high-quality commodities only!

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