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In 2005 our unrefined highest-quality sunflower, mustard, and linseed oil, made by the “Scientific-Production Company Inter-Oil”, Ltd, were awarded a quality mark #1 “Altai-Quality”.

Better ecology stability and utility!

In 2008 the company was given an “Ecological Certificate” for the better ecology stability and utility in comparison with other samples.

Certainly, the best oil!

High-quality sunflower oil has a useful, indispensable for human biochemical content. This is a product, one can not live without the whole year — when frying fish, meat, vegetables, when seasoning salads, marinade cooking, food preserving. Different normative documents, which define hygienic and physically-chemical product quality requirements, exist in order to prevent the low­ quality sunflower oil appearence on the consumer market.

In 2008 Altai Chamber's of Commerce and Production (ACCP) specialists have conducted the research on the unrefined sunflower oil quality estimation, bought in Barnaul trade net. Independent laboratorium researches were aiming to study the quality of deprived oil samples. The research took its place in the accredited labaratory of the Altai Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification. Organoleptical researches were conducted by the experts from ACCP. The packaging and the marking of the product were estimated as well. The expertise studied the following showings: color digit, acid digit, peroxide digit, mass moisture and shifting matters share, transparency, smell and taste.

As a result, only 6 samples of unrefined sunflower oil out of 10 participating, meet all the requirements.

Inter oil was called the best one

At all showings studied unrefined sunflower oil “Inter” has shown the best results. The oil meets NAST (national standard) P 52465-2005 requirements, acid digid is 0,6 mgr KOH per gr, mass moisture and shifting matters share is 0,09%.

New Shelf Life and Vitamin E record Content

According to the Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Fats (RSRIF), from 9 october 2008 , a new shelf life was set for packaged highest-quality unrefined sunflower oil “Inter”. Now it is ten months.

This shelf life is based on the biochemical characteristic and unrefined highest-quality sunflower oil stability analyses results.

The research was conducted according to the “Metodological instructions for accelerated nutrious vegetable oils shelf life definitions” coordinated with the substitute of the Main National Sanitary Physician of the Russian Federation.

Also according to the researches, in the Inter oil was set the record vitamin E content — 107mg%!

Showing appelation Content
Vitamin E (tokopherol), mgr% 107,0
Conservantes not presented
Cholesterol not presented
Fat acids, % to the whole content:  
saturated 12,1
monounsaturated 20,7
polyunsaturated 67,2

Experts' view

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