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People treat seeds cracking as an amusement, a nice way to spend some freetime, or a kind of fast food. But some specialists consider this acticity not only pleasant, but also useful one. The fact is that sunflower seeds are a kind of natural tinned food, able to keep for a long time and provide the organism with many usefull nutrious matters, for instance, polyunsaturated fat acids, (linoleic and olein), which help at fat and cholesterol exchange, and amin acids, which also participate in fat exchange.

100 gr of seeds contain 311 mgr of magnesium 6 times more than a rye bread contains. Magnesium is indispensable for a normal heart-vessel system functioning. 50-60 gr og seeds are equivalent to 20-30 gr of sunflower oil. It can meet human vitamin E daily need in full volume. This vitamin is an oxydant and, besides this, it helps to defend the organism from the radiation influence.

Sunflower seeds contain more vitamin D than codfish liver. Seeds can help at soft tissues injuries cure, broken bones restoration, at strenghs recovery after the serious deceases. Sunflower seeds improve the appetite. You'd better fry them on the dry frying-pan a bit before asleep. But this is not reccomended to fry them beforehand, because the most part of the useful features get lost during this process.

Also sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins, which strenghen the skin cover and normalize the PH balance. For example, body peeling skrab, made out of sunflower seeds, delete the dying cells and roughnesses from the skin surface, create the renewed skin feeling and exercise the complex influence on it, fully improving its condition.

But in order to get not only pleasure, but also the use from the seeds, you are to eat them only a bit dried, but not fried. In this condition they contain the maximal volume of vitamins.

Scientific-Production Company Inter-Oil, Ltd realizes gauged sunflower seeds (38 and 40). The seeds are scurpuleosly filtered and selected. Only the biggest and the highest-quality ones become our product.

We are trying to keep the goods as valuable, as The Nature's made them.

Gauged sunflower

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