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In the century of high scores, quick life rhythm, fast food systems and bad eclology. Whether the people would take a healthy a diet or the modern human needs completely another nutrition to be healthy?

Protein, precisely its component parts — amin acids, are the main compounds of the human cells. It is vitally important for the normal growth and functioning of immune system, hair, skin and muscles' cells. Protein shortage can have a harmful effect on the health, can cause nutritious matters' balance violation in the organism.

In order to make the organism work its best one needs a balanced diet, including all nutritious matters, and the most important is protein.

High-protein sunflower flour is a complex foodstuff — this is a well balanced system of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, active cellulose, vitamins, phospholipids and mineral matters. The only raw material of this product is sunflower seed, peeled from admixtures and capsules, and after the oil is taken out from them.

High-protein sunflower flour is a fully natural product. Bioactive matters and vitamins are maximally preserved in it. The flour has a nice, sweet taste, white color with a cream tint, and light, nice smell, peculiar to sunflower. Besides high tasty and nutritious features, this product has a soft consistence, and it is very thin-milled.

Skim sunflower flour contains approximately 39% of common carbohydrates, including dissoluble mono­ (glucose, fructose, galactose), oligosacharides (sucrose, raffinose, glucose) and polysaccharides. Cellular tissue contain is up to 8% The flour contains phospholipids, carotenes, tocopherols, group B vitamins, macro and micro elements. Protein content – up to 40%, fat – up to 11%. The fat is presented mostly by the valuable polyunsaturated linoleic acid.

Sunflower flour has 5 times less non-protein nitrogen, than soya one, it doesn’t have B- amilase activity problem, it doesn’t contain urease, active retarding proteins and toxic proteins, which substantially decrease protein assimilation in soya oil.

This product doesn't contain any stabilizers, dyestuffs, aromatizes, wedding agents. This is a natural product, made out of selected sunflower kernels.

Reasoning from the biochemical content of the high protein sunflower flour “Inter” and from the physiologic consumption norms the withdrawal is, that daily 200-250 gr. consumption can provide the organism needs in the main nutritious matters (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) in vitamins and other valuable bioactive matters.

  • — 250 gr. of protein provide the organism with a safety daily norm of light assimilated vegetable protein.
  • — 250 gr. of protein provide the organism with a daily norm of high-quality sunflower oil
  • — 250 gr. of protein provide the organism with a daily cellular tissue norm.
  • — 250 gr. of protein provide the organism with a daily phospholipids norm.
  • — 250 gr. of protein provide the organism with a 30% of a daily carbohydrates norm.
  • — 250 gr. of protein provide the organism with a daily vitamin E norm.
  • — 250 gr. of protein provide the organism with a 30% of a daily vitamin A norm.
  • — High protein flour is rich with vitamins B1, B2, B3, PP, choline
  • — High protein flour is rich with indispensable amino acids, and it contains more valine, methionine and tryptophan, than the soya flour.
  • — High protein flour is rich with potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphor, sodium.

Scientific-Production Company “Inter-Oil”, Ltd plans that exclusive high-protein sunflower flour “Inter” will be widely used in food and confectionery industries, as it is an unique high-quality raw material.

High-protein sunflower flour may be used as an add for different products” bread, milk, sausages, porridges, cakes, sweets, chalva, soups, sauces. Protein itself can also be used as an add for the sportsmen, people, obliged in hard, physical labor, other people. Protein cheese, protein butter, protein sandwich masses, dry protein for flour enrichment, ready breakfasts – this is not full list of goods, there can be used high-protein sunflower flour “Inter”!

High protein sunflower flour

What should human eat in the XXI century?

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