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Scientific-Production Co “Inter-oil”, ltd deals with high protein sunflower cakes output.

Sunflower cake is the remains of sunflower kernel after the oil extraction. It is a valuable high protein adds for the mixed fodder production. It can be used in any animals’ ration as the main source of protein, and its quality is far more better than the grain crop seeds’ one. Cake has high nutritious and energetic value, due to the 10% fats remaining in it.

Also there’s some high-quality sunflower oil, remaining in the cakes, with low acid degree and high content of vitamin E and phospholipids.

All animals, especially ruminant ones, need the cellular tissue, containing in the cakes, which influence the digestion. Fats in the ration are maintaining for unicameral stomach animals (rabbits, pigs), and for the calves in the first life month.

Cakes’ leading into the animals ration has fruitful influence on the metabolism, on the reproductive function, it strengthens the immune system, accelerates the young animals growth, improves birds’ oviparous activity.

Scientific-Production “Inter-Oil” sunflower cake’s outputted quality showings
Defined Showings Results of the analyses
Appearance cockle-shell
Smell usual for sunflower cake, no foreign smell
Color Gray
Mass moisture and volatile matters share, % 7,0
Mass crude protein share converted in absolutely dry matter, % 37-40
Mass crude cellular tissue share in fat deprived product, converted in absolutely dry matter, % 12-15
Mass ashes share, insoluble in H2SO4, converted in absolutely dry matter, % 0,6
Mass metall adds share, % No
Foreign admixtures No
Full energetic sustenance converted in absolutely dry matter. 1,15

Shelf life is 3 months, when kept and transported correctly.

Cake can be transported by all kinds of vehicles, they are to be clean, dry and disinfected.

Cake is being kept in bulk or in sacks, put in stacks, in dry, clean rooms, well cooled and protected from bread vermin and straight sun light and heat influence. This room should be also equipped with a warehouse. Sacks should be put on the shelves or on the pans.

Sunflower cake

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