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That brain cells consist of the fat on 60%, and this concentration is more, than in other parts of the body. That's why the expression “The brain is stuck with fat” is not a kind of “compliment”, but objective reality for human health. Indispensable polyunsaturated fat acids omega-6 and omega-3, contained in the vegetable oil are responsible for the normal brain work and hormon background. These acids support the immunity, good emotions, skin condition, they are not synthesised in the organism and should come with the food.

Sunflower oil is traditionally considered Russia's national product. This popularity is explained not only by great taste and nutrious features, but also by the usefulness it gives to the organism.

Certainly, it's fair for really fresh, high-quality oil, which is produced by such a responsible company, as “Inter-Oil”.

When producing any kind of oil, the company excercises strong laboratorium control on each step — from raw materials acceptance till the finished commodity output. Our developed and efficient unique cold pressing technology use with soft raw materials processing regimes and natural peeling, give an opportunity to preserve all necessary nutrious matters, micro elements and vitamins (the main is vitamin E) in the “Inter” oil. That's why when buying “Inter” oil you may be sure that it is high-quality, healthy and natural.

Linseed and linoleic polyunsaturated fat acids are there in sunflower oil, and they are not synthesized in the organism. These acids are called vitamin F, or essential acids. Human needs them even more than other vitamins. Polyunsaturated fat acids participate in cell membranes and nerve tissues formation. Vitamin F is responsible for the hormon synthez, immunity support, cell regeneration and skin elasticity. You won't find the better helper at atherosclerosis struggle: vitamin F improves the vessels elasticity and improves the blood current. It plays the main role at fat exchange and cholesterol removal from the organism.

Sunflower oil has many positive features and is the main vitamin E source. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the use of sunflower oil, and prefer to consume other foreign oils. They are mistaken. Sunflower oil contains more vitamins than other ones. For instance, it contains 12 times more vitamin E, than the olive oil. Vitamin E is the strongest antioxydant, which struggles the organism old growing on cell level. Vitamin E doesn't only defeat the cells from the oxydation, but also helps the cells to “breath”, strenghening the red blood bodies, which get the oxygen up to the cells of the human body. Also vitamin E influences the functions of the sex and endocrine glands, which participate in protein and carbohydrates exchange, improves the memory.

Optimal rate of vitamin E contain is 60 mg on 100 gr. But “Inter” oil contains 107 mgr on 100 gr — a record content! Do not forget, by the way, that natural vitamin E is better assimilated by the organism, than synthetic accetate of tokopherole, selled in the pharmacies as “vitamin E”

It is also importantnt that sunflower oil is a product of the greatest dieticial value. It contains as many calories as adiposes, but sunflower oil is the sousce of healthy energy. Vegetable fats are not accumulated in the so called “fat depot” due to their content, and they also help to regulate the fat balance of the organism, decreasing the cholesterol level in blood, and, as a result, decreasing the risk of a heart attacks.

There're practically no contra-indicators against the sunflower oil consumption. Human optimal daily need in the oil is 20 gr. When regularly consuming the high-quality sunflower oil “Inter” you should not only feel the strenghs upsurge, work improve of all systems and organs, but also the improve of the hair, nails and skin condition.

Scientificaly proved fact is that the most useful for one's health is unrefined sunflower oil.Scientific-Production Co “Inter-Oil”, Ltd produces exactly such kind of oil with the help of its own patented technology of the cold pressing. This product contains maximum vitamins content other useful sunflower features.

Sunflower oil “Inter” can be used for salads, sauses, porridges seasoning, home tinning, frying. It doesn't froth, doesn't burn when fried, doesn't leave a sediment when kept for a long time. And you can have no doubt about “Inter” oil security and freshness.

Quality and security indicators of the unrefined sunflower oil “Inter”
NAST P 52465­2005
Indicator's appelation NAST at the research period NAST characteristic In Fact
Transparency NAST 5472 Light muddiness or “wire” is admitted Transparent, without “wires” or muddiness
Taste, color NAST 5472 Ones are usual for the sunflower oil, no strange smell and aftertaste Ones are usual for the sunflower oil, no strange smell and aftertaste
Color digit, iod mgr. NAST 5477 no more than 15 10-15
PH digit, mgr KON NAST Ð 52110 no more than 1,5 0,6-0,74
Mass skim admixtures share,% NAST 5481 no more than 0,05 0,014
Mass phosphor containing matters share, % NAST 7824 Ð2Î5 no more than 0,018 0,015
Mass moisture and shifting matters share NAST 11812 no more than 0,15 0,07-0,08
Peroxyde digit, mol/kilo ½ î NAST 26593 no more than 7,0 2,5

Shelf life — 10 months. Keep in closed, dark rooms.
Conformity certificate # C­RU. Àß 82.Â.60223.
Ecological certificate # ROSS RU: ÑÑÊ.044.1066
Meets all the requirements of the Federal Law from 24.06.2008 #90­FZ
“Technical regulation on oilfat production”.

Sunflower oil

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